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Q: How do you ship my order?

A: In most circumstances, we deliver your order for free if you are within close range of one of business locations (Salinas or San Luis Obispo County). If you are located outside those areas, we will ship your order and add it to your order total cost. However, we are competitive in our pricing and always do our best to make sure our pricing, even if shipping is added, is less than you would have paid somewhere else. Contact us for more details.


Q:When do you require payment? Can I use a credit card?

A: After your order is placed, a deposit will need to be required that is dependent on the size/order quantity; usually between 30-50%. Once the order is complete, the remainder is required upon receipt of your order. Yes, a credit card can be used for an additional fee.




Q: Do I get a discounted price per item if I order a large quantity?

A: Yes, of course. The cost per item decreases as the quantity of each item is increased and vice versa.

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